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Updated February 21, 2017

Slingbox is an electronic device designed to share data between a television and other devices in your home, particularly computers. Using a Slingbox and a home network, you can watch television on your computer and watch videos from your computer on your television. Though popular, Slingbox is not the only device that will give users the ability to use these features. There are a number of Slingbox alternatives available on the market.


Hava is a Slingbox-like device designed by a company called Monsoon Multimedia. The Hava has all the functionality of a Slingbox in that it lets you stream signals from your television to a computer over a network. It also has a few features the Slingbox lacks. The Hava lets you stream data over wireless networks while Slingbox requires Ethernet cables. Hava also is able to use computer programs like Windows Media Player to stream content while Slingbox requires its own proprietary software.

LocationFree TV

LocationFree TV is a device designed by Sony Electronics. It is a black box that can hook up to not just a television but also devices like DVR (digital video recorder) systems and home video cameras. These devices can then stream audio and video directly to computers no matter the operating system. LocationFree TV will also stream directly to Sony's PlayStation Portable hand held video game system. The one notable feature that LocationFree TV does lack is the ability to stream content from your computer to your television set.

Apple TV

Apple TV is a device that allows the user to stream content from their computer to a television screen over a wireless network. Apple TV currently only works with users who own Macintosh computers. An Apple TV hooks directly to a television and receives data transmitted over a standard home wireless network. Using Apple's iTunes software the user can stream videos, podcasts, and music to their television. They can also connect to the Internet on their TV and download content directly to their computer from the iTunes Store.

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