Fun games to play in the park

Whether it's a party, a family reunion, or simply an excursion to the park on a sunny summer afternoon, be sure to bring along a variety of fun games to play in the park. There are many different games and activities that will appeal to children and adults of all ages.


Many parks have permanent horseshoe courts. Even if your park does not, setting up a temporary horseshoe court is a simple matter. Set up two stakes. The standard distance between the stakes is 40 feet. This distance can be shortened if children are playing. Pound stakes into the ground so that approximately 1 foot of the stakes protrudes above the ground and the stakes are sturdy in the ground. Play individually against each other or play on teams. Each player or team takes a turn throwing their horseshoes toward the opposite stake and then the other player or team throws their horseshoes. Ringers are awarded three points each. If there are no ringers, the closest horseshoes to each stake are awarded one point. Horseshoes are played in rounds in this fashion.


Play a rousing and friendly game of basketball if the park has a basketball court. If there are two hoops and enough people, divide the players up into two teams and play an actual game. If there is only one hoop, play a fun game of HORSE. The first player shoots a basket in whatever style desired and all of the other players must follow suit by making a basket with the same kind of shot. If the subsequent players miss the shot they collect a letter in the word "horse." After each player has had a turn making this shot, another player shoots a basket in whatever style is desired and all of the other players must follow suit again. Players that miss collect the letters in order to spell the word "horse." The first player to collect all of the letters to spell the word is out and play continues until all of the players are finished except one, who is the winner.


Badminton is an exciting game that is similar to tennis. Setting up a badminton net in a grassy area of a park can be an enjoyable activity for both children and adults to play. Each player needs a racket and the object is to force the badminton shuttle to the ground on your opponent's side of the net. Each time the shuttle hits the ground a point is scored by the opposing team. The first team to reach 21 wins.

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