How to Move a Stockpile in Stronghold: Crusader

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What could be better than taking part in a castle siege in medieval Europe? Being a king and ordering hundreds of troops to attack a castle from the comfort of your computer chair, of course!

Stronghold Crusader was Firefly studio's second game to perfectly fill this need. However, some of the game's controls and game play can be confusing. One such complaint is the limited placement of stockpiles.

But there is good news! While you cannot break the game's built in rules, there are ways to bend them.

Place your initial stockpile so that it is next to your lord's castle.

Game rules only allow you to place a stockpile next to the lord's castle or another stockpile.

Place additional stockpiles next to each other and form a line to the location you ultimately wish your stockpile to be or until you run out of stockpile tiles

Delete the first stockpile tiles near the lord's keep and continue your line to reach your location. Once there, delete the rest of the line and create your stockpile as normal.

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