S10 Classifications for the Paralympics

wheelchair access sign image by Gina Smith from Fotolia.com

The Paralympic Games are a version of the Olympic Games designed for competitors who have disabilities that prevent them from competing with able-bodied competitors in the same events. Athletes are classed according to their disability as regards the level of competition. These classifications are indicated by a number and letter configuration.


S10 is a classification for the swimming events. Swimming events are the only form of competition which combine disabilities together across the classes. The prefix "S" is alloted for freestyle, backstroke and butterfly.

Disability Classification

S10 applies to competitors who have minimal weakness affecting the legs, including restrictions in hip joint movement; swimmers with both feet deformed; swimmers with one leg amputated below the knee, or swimmers missing one hand.


S10 is ranked as the class with the most physical ability of the swimmers, with S1 being the class with the least.

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