Homemade Banana Costume

Updated February 21, 2017

Banana costumes can be created for all ages and for both genders. Ways of going about creating a banana costume differ in terms of the time it takes to create them and how experienced you need to be when it comes to sewing.

Infant Banana Costume

Making a banana costume for an infant is more simple than making a banana costume for a child or an adult. Use either yellow felt or yellow foam and cut out four banana peel panels. Glue or sew brown felt or foam on the ends of each panel and glue or sew white felt or foam onto the back over the entire panel. Sew, staple or glue the panels together until they are connected up two-thirds of the way. Cut out arm holes. Clothe the baby in white and place him in the banana peel.

An Open Banana Costume

This costume is constructed in the same way as the infant costume with a few notable differences. Instead of just attaching the panels together at the bottom, there has to be a place for legs to come out. Attach the four sides at the bottom and about a foot up. Continue attaching three of the sides, but leave one undone. Attach yellow ties, light coloured Velcro or snaps to the open side. Leave a couple of feet unattached at the top on all sides so that the peel can hang down. Cut arm holes out. Attach white ties to the costume to act as suspenders. To complete the costume, wear a white hooded sweatshirt and dark tights and shoes.

A Closed Banana Costume

Create the closed banana costume in much the same way as the other banana costumes, except that there is no need to attach white felt or foam to the inside of the banana peel, since it won't be seen. Attach the top of the banana together and cut out a face hole. To make the banana more sturdy, consider sealing off the top and bottom of the banana and filling them with batting. Make the banana more authentic with a banana sticker printed out in the appropriate size and attached to the banana skin.

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