Sanyo Projector Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

Sanyo manufactures several models of projectors for businesses and individuals. While the feature list of many of the models is different, the basic functions of the projectors are similar across all models. Sanyo projectors can be connected to computers for business or educational presentations and DVD players or VCRs for home theatre setups.

Connecting the Projector

Sanyo projectors can be connected to a variety of sources for projected display. Connecting a device to the projector is similar to connecting a device to a television, with a few exceptions. When hooking a computer up to the projector, you will connect the supplied VGA cable to the "Video Out" connector on the back of the computer to the "Computer In/Component" in connection on the back of the projector. In addition, you need to connect an audio cable to an "Audio Out" jack on the computer and plug it into the "Audio In" plug on the back of the projector.

When hooking up a DVD player or VCR to a Sanyo projector, plug the audio cable into the "Audio Out" jack of the device and the other end into the "Audio In" jack on the projector. Plug the video cable into the "Video Out" jack of the device and plug the other end into the "Video In" jack of the projector.

Many Sanyo projectors are compatible with high definition devices. High definition devices should be connected via the "S-Video In" jack on the projector.

Using the Projector

Once the device is hooked up to the projector, take off the lens cap. The lens cap must be removed before powering on the projector as it could be damaged by the heat of the projector light. Plug the power cord into both the projector and a power outlet. Press the "Power" button. Let the projector sit for about a minute so that it can warm up. Once it has warmed up, turn on the device connected to the projector. The projector will detect the device and begin projecting.

When you have finished using the projector, press the "Power" button. If you are asked to confirm if you want to turn off the projector, press the "Power" button again. When the projector is shut down, the cooling fan will continue to run for a few minutes to continue the cooling process. You will not be able to turn the projector on again until the cooling fan shuts off.

Adjusting the Projector

You can raise and lower the height of the projection using the elevator foot located on the underside of the printer near the front. To raise and lower the foot, press and hold the foot release button on the front of the projector and pull or push the foot. Let go of the button to lock it in place.

If the image isn't level, adjust one of the tilt feet on the bottom of the projector near the back corners. Twist the tilt feet to adjust their height.

In addition to adjusting the height, you can adjust the zoom and focus of the projection. The dials for the zoom and focus are located above the lens. To adjust the zoom, turn the dial on the outer dial. Adjust the focus by turning the inner dial.

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