Moses Basket Instructions

Updated April 17, 2017

A Moses basket is a hand-woven basket that takes the place of a traditional bassinet. Moses baskets traditionally come with a canopy, a mattress and handles on the sides for easy carrying. They are less expensive than a traditional bassinet but accomplish the same task.

Decide Where You're Using It

A Moses basket can either be used on the floor or with a stand. Most stands that are manufactured come with a rocking motion feature and are the height of a standard bed. If you will be using the Moses basket as the baby's primary sleeping place, you may want to purchase the stand for easy access during the night hours. If you don't purchase the stand, you can easily use the Moses basket on the floor. This is not recommended for people with other small children or pets.

Using the Moses Basket

Moses baskets are simple to use. They come with a custom-fitted mattress that will need a custom-fitted sheet. It is a good idea to purchase a few backup sheets, as newborns tend to spit up and wet the bed quite often. More inexpensive baskets come with a very flimsy and uncomfortable mattress so you may want to upgrade to a plusher one. The basket also comes with two handles, one on each side of the basket for carrying. Be sure to be comfortable with the weight of the basket and your baby before attempting to lift. Maintain proper balance when lifting and always use both hands and both handles.

Care for Your Basket

Moses baskets are made of wicker which over time can become brittle and eventually break. Be sure to always check the handles, the sides and the bottom of the basket for any cracking or tearing. If you suspect a weakening in any of these areas you may want to consider purchasing a new one or having it repaired. Wash the linens every three days and wipe down the basket with a disinfectant to keep your baby safe and healthy.

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