Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas for Teen Boys

Updated April 17, 2017

Decorating birthday cakes at home can be fun. While cake decorating ideas for little ones may be easy to think of, creating a theme for teen boys can be a bit tricky. Teen boys want something cool and something that won't embarrass them in front of their friends. This means all the cute ideas are out of the question. Thankfully, there are a few cool ideas that are fun to make.

Gaming Consoles

Teen boys love video games. Best of all, most gaming consoles have a sleek and simple design. This means they are easy to re-create with cake and frosting. Just carve the cake to resemble the console and then use frosting to create the logos and lights. If an even simpler design is needed, handheld consoles are a great option. The LCD screens can be created by melting clear candies in the oven. Simply crush the candies and pour into a square mould and bake at 176 degrees C until the candy melts. Buttons for the handheld gaming system can be easily created with round tablet candies, such as Spree. The last step would be to add button descriptions using frosting.

Favourite DVD, Book or CD

Media is always an important part of every teen boy's life. Thankfully, these designs are easy to re-create in cake form. A 9-by-13-inch cake is the perfect foundation to create a DVD or book cake, while an 8-by-8-inch is great for CD-inspired cakes. This design may or may not require a lot of practice. It all depends on how intricate the design of the DVD, book or CD is. Mostly though, this design can be made simply using different coloured frostings. If there are shiny elements in the design, edible silver or gold beads can be used as well as coloured sugar. The most important part is to see how easy the design can be drawn. Practice the design a few times on paper before attempting to decorate the cake.


Each teen boy is unique and has his own hobbies. They may be part of a band, love sports or even board games. Hobbies are a great starting point because they allow the design of a cake to be as simple or intricate as the decorator can handle. For example, if the teen boy loves fishing, a lake can be created using blue frosting and gummy fish; a plastic toy fishing rod can be added. Decorators with more skill may want to take on a cake as complicated as a Monopoly board. Either way, teen boys will love a cake that revolves around their favourite hobbies.

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