What is the Best Skin-Tightening Procedure for the Eyes?

Updated March 23, 2017

With dozens of cosmetic procedures for the eyes, thousands of products and hundreds of spa treatments, it can be difficult to know what procedure is the best to improve tightness and health of the eye area. The skin around the eye is some of the most delicate on the body, and careful attention should be paid to your habits and routine to prevent loosening and wrinkling.


The skin around the eye is very delicate and does not produce oil, making it less elastic than the rest of the face. Most loosening and wrinkling comes from natural pulling on this skin, over time. The best way to keep the skin around the eye tight is to stop this pulling at it.

First, buy a silk pillowcase. Many of us toss and turn during the night, dragging our faces across the fabric of our sheets. Silk is less harsh on the skin and helps to prevent wrinkling and pulling on the face due to natural movement during sleep.

Wear sunscreen and use a good moisturiser. Not only will this help add some tightness, or elasticity, to that tissue near the eye, but it will improve your overall skin health. UV rays damage and loosen the skin so always use a sunblock before going into the sun. When you apply lotions to your eye area, be sure to do so in a gently tapping motion and do not pull or smooth onto the eye.

When washing and drying your face, never pull or rub on the eye area. Always apply facial cleansers away from the eye area, and when rinsing avoid wiping or tugging on the area with a cloth or your hands. Pat your face dry with a towel after washing or showering, but never pull or wipe.


The best procedures to tighten the skin near the eyes are usually cosmetic. A plastic surgeon can, for a hefty fee, essentially remove loosened skin and take years off your face. You must always consult a professional to know which method is best for you, and how much it costs. Remember that recovery time, as well as the need for follow-up appointments, should be considered. Surgery is a quick and effective fix, but it is not permanent since the ageing and loosening will continue around your eye area and eventually you will begin to experience loosening again if your routine is not changed.

Invest in an eye cream. Thick night creams fill fine lines and restore elasticity during your sleep, while gels can boost tightness in the skin around the eyes during the day. Always use these in conjunction with a good moisturiser, including SPF 15 or more. For a personal recommendation, ask a spa associate to perform a facial for you and pay special attention to the eye area. Facials can, when made a part of your regular routine, assist you in maintaining tight skin around the eye.

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