Ideas for planning a birthday party for 10-year-olds

Updated March 21, 2017

A child celebrating his or her 10th birthday usually wants to do so with a group of family and friends. While the themes and possibilities are endless depending on your child's interest, it's easy to come up with fun-filled ideas for a 10th birthday that your child will remember.


Think of a theme based on your child's hobbies. If your child is into ballet, have a ballet-themed party complete with pink and white decorations and figurines of ballerinas. A child who loves soccer might want to hold a party with that theme, inviting her friends to wear their soccer jerseys and cleats. Decorate the house with cutouts of soccer balls and give away soccer erasers, pens and pencils, and games in favour bags. Have the kids play a game of pickup soccer.

Other themes your child may enjoy include: Harry Potter, the Cheetah Girls, Hannah Montana, cars, NASCAR, baseball, basketball, animals, jungle, or Hawaii.

10-year-old Food

Make cupcakes and frost them according to the theme of the party. Write the number "10" on all of them so that your child truly feels her age is being honoured. Other ideas include cookies shaped like the number 10, cakes with the number 10 written on it or cakes baked into the shape of a number 10. Be sure and place 10 candles on the birthday cake or cupcakes.


Purchase a pinata in the shape of the number 10 or in the theme of the party. Have the children take a whack at it while blindfolded. Use a foam-core baseball bat to prevent injuries to the children or the adults facilitating the activity.

Other games include musical chairs, hot potato (you can change the hot potato to be an object that fits with the theme of the party, such as a car, soccer ball or CD), 20 Questions or relay races. You can also set up obstacle courses and have the children time each other or race against one another. Another idea--a twist on hide-and-go-seek--is sardines. Have one child find a hiding spot and have the other children try to find him. When they do, they must get into the spot with him until all of the children have found the spot. Keep your sardines game limited to a certain area of the house or the yard to minimise risk.


A sleepover is a popular activity for many children's birthday parties. Have you birthday child pick 10 friends to invite over. Facilitate games such as tame versions of truth or dare--for example, a child must either choose to do a dare like stuff as many marshmallows as they can in their mouth or answer a question truthfully. Have the children make s'mores over the stove or bake cookies or chocolate moulds in the shape of the number 10. Be sure to supervise the cooking or baking. Later, pop in your child's favourite movie to calm the children down before bed.

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