Spiderman Bedroom Paint Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

With the bright colours and web motif, Spiderman makes a great inspiration for a child's room decor. You can get very creative with the paint colours and designs to play on the theme. You can make it look subtle, with a few wispy webs on neutral colours, or go all out to make the room look like a page out of a comic strip.

Spiderman Colors

Use just the colours inspired by Spiderman for a more subtle and versatile paint job. Paint three walls red, with one blue accent colour wall. Alternately, paint three walls blue, with one red as an accent wall. Paint your trim, moulding, door and window frames black. Embellish further with wall paper borders, peel and stick vinyl wall clings, Spiderman wall hangings, or by painting webs or big Spiderman eyes onto the wall.

Spider's Lair Style

Create a backdrop that Spiderman will stand out on. If you are using any Spiderman wall hangings, peel and stick vinyl wall stickers featuring the big arachnid himself, or other Spiderman dolls and figures, painting walls blue and red will only serve to camouflage him. Paint your walls a base colour of white, light grey, or sliver. Spidey's suit will match well with these colours and stand out against them. Add additional web accents to make the room look like Spiderman's lair. Use black paint and a fine-tipped brush to hand-paint a few spider webs on the wall. If you can't paint spider webs, raid a Halloween store for peel-and-stick wall spiderwebs or other black web hangings.

City Scene

Make a silhouetted city scene inspired by Spiderman cartoons, where he is swinging from building to building at twilight. Decide the height you want the border of buildings to be. Use a chalk line to create a straight, horizontal line around the entire room. Paint a sunset scene above the line. Paint a wide strip of deep blue or indigo from the ceiling to about two-thirds of the way down to the line. Paint a strip of deep orange on the remaining third. Blend the paints while they are still wet by swiping a dry brush back and forth at the place where the two colours meet. Continue blending the two colours until you are satisfied with the look. Allow the paint to dry. Draw a city skyline on a piece of cardboard. Cut it out. Use the upper half of the cardboard and hold it to the wall over the orange part of the sunset starting at one end of the room. Use a level to be sure it is going straight across. Trace the skyline onto the wall. Move the cardboard over and keep tracing the skyline until you have gone around the entire room, repeating the pattern. Paint the bottom half of the wall a very dark blue, filling in the images of the buildings. Allow it to dry. Use bright yellow paint and a square template to fill in some window shapes on the buildings. If you like, you can use glow-in-the-dark paint so that when the lights go off at night, the city windows will glow.

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