How to Remove Paint From Tarmac

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During the process of painting your home, paint may splatter or spill on your tarmac driveway or road. Because the tarmac is black, most light colours will easily show up, allowing everyone to see the mess you have made. If you catch the paint while it's still wet, you will be more successful in removing the paint.

Only use detergents to scrub away both wet and dry paint. Paint strippers and solvents should never be used, as they dissolve the binder used to create tarmac. If you are unable to remove the paint, you can paint it black to conceal it.

Lay a paper towel over the paint to absorb as much paint as possible, if the stain is fresh.

Fill a small bucket with water as hot as you can stand to touch and a mild powdered cleaning detergent, such as dish soap, washing powder or oxygen bleach. Allow the cleaner to dissolve in the water.

Dip a soft- to medium-bristled nylon scrubbing brush in the soapy water. Continue scrubbing until the paint removes.

Rinse the soap residue from the tarmac with either a hose or water-dampened cloth.