How to Fix a Ghost or Burnt-In Image on an LCD HDTV

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Burn-in, or ghost images have been a problem on television sets for decades, but while burn-in was a permanent problem on old CRT (cathode ray tube) sets, it is a problem that can usually be fixed on most LCD monitors and HDTVs. LCD burn-in, which is also called persistence, is caused by a trace of an electric charge being leftover from an image that remained still for a long time. These trace images can sometimes go away on their own, or can be removed using a simple method.

Turn on your computer. Click on the start menu and go to "All Programs" then "Accessories" and select "Paint."

Go to 'Image" then "Attributes." Click on the text box next to "Width" and type "1920" then highlight the text in the "Height" box and type "1080." Click "OK."

Go to "File" then "Save." Give the file a name and click "Save." Close MS Paint.

Go to the Start menu and in the text box type "Windows DVD Maker." Click on the icon that appears to start the program.

Click on the "Add items" icon and select the image you just created. Click "Options" and select "Play video in continuous loop" and then click "OK" then "Next."

Insert a blank recordable DVD in your computer's disc drive and click "Burn" to burn the blank white image to disc.

Insert the burnt disc into your DVD player and let the white image display on your HDTV for several hours or even overnight. It should remove any burnt-in images or ghosts.

Connect your HDTV to your computer. Most HDTVs have either HDMI ports or VGA ports that can be used to connect to your computer. If your computer and HDTV have compatible connections, use the appropriate cable to connect them together. Using your HDTV's remote, cycle through inputs on your television until you see your computer's display on your HDTV.

Right-click on your monitor and choose "Personalize" from the menu that appears. Go to "Display Settings."

Click on the monitor with a number "2" on it and select "Extend the desktop onto this monitor." Click "OK."

Select "Desktop Background" from the Personalization menu.

Click on the drop-down list next to "Location" and select "Solid Colors." Choose the white colour as your background and click "OK."

Remove or minimise all windows on the HDTV. Leave this white image on for several hours or even overnight. It should remove all traces of ghost images on the display.

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