Instructions for a Griffin ITrip

Griffin Technology develops accessories for iPods and MP3 players that extend the range of uses for those devices. The iTrip is a line of FM transmitters that enable the iPod or music player to broadcast through a boom box or car stereo speakers, without the need for additional cables. ITrip models are available for specific iPod models such as the iPod nano or classic as well as universal models which attach to a headphone jack that work on most audio players.


The Griffin iTrip is an FM transmitter that attaches to an iPod or MP3 player. The device is powered by batteries, the player or a DC plug for the car. The device has a built-in antenna for short-range transmissions. Songs are broadcast through the radio using an available FM station. Use the iTrip to play your tunes through any radio, in the car or at parties.

The iTrip product line has several models which have specific port connections for specific iPod models. Other models plug into the player's headphone jack. Select an iTrip for your specific iPod model or one with the universal audio jack.

Playback and Programming

Some iTrip models include an optional CD to install iTrip FM stations as a playlist on iTunes for programming on the computer. Use this add-on utility to program your iTrip through iTunes. The iTrip automatically turns on when first connected to the player and shuts off if no music is playing for 60 seconds. Remember that if the iTrip automatically shuts off the channel may need to be reselected because the screen will display a frequency of 87.9 upon start up.

Playback can be enhanced by setting the iTrip to broadcast in mono or stereo and the player and radio can fine-tune the volume. Program the iTrip to broadcast in mono or stereo by pressing and holding the forward and back buttons simultaneously for at least 10 seconds. Use the volume controls on the player or radio for adjustments.

FM Frequency

The iTrip has basic tuner controls (i.e., ">" forward and "<" back) to select an FM frequency between 87.9MHz to 107.9MHz. Choose the FM frequency with the least interference, at least 0.4MHz between two radio stations. Depending on the metropolitan area, empty frequencies are more available at each end of the range such as 88.1MHz and 107.7MHz. Set frequently used FM stations for easy access by pressing and holding one of the channel buttons on the iTrip. Similarly, set the corresponding frequency on your FM stereo if available (such as a car radio).

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