Facial Exercises to Reduce Jowls

Updated April 17, 2017

No one likes to see jowls when they see their reflection in the mirror. Called by many different names, jowls are those droopy pockets of sagging skin that often make their appearance around early to middle age, when the skin and muscles of the face begin to lose elasticity and tone. Fight the appearance of ageing in this most noticeable spot by performing exercises to reduce jowls.

Exercise 1

You might want to do this exercise in private, as it will look a little silly. However, it's extremely effective in firming the jawline, the chin and the neck muscles to give your face the appearance that you've just had a mini-lift. Sit or stand straight and lean your head backward so that you're looking up at the ceiling. Let your lips relax open. Then, stick out your tongue and (you might remember this from childhood) try to touch your chin with the tip of your tongue. Keep the tongue extended in this position for three to five seconds, and then pull it back in and return you head to its starting position. Repeat this exercise at least five times, increasing as you feel those muscles getting stronger.

Exercise 2

This exercise helps to tighten and firm the muscles underneath the jawline and at the point where the jaw meets the skull. Sitting or standing straight and tall, turn your head to the right. Try to keep the chin perpendicular with the floor, not raised up or tilted downward. You should feel a slight pull in the opposite side of the face and jaw. Hold that position for a count of five, and then turn your head to the left, repeating the hold. Repeat this exercise without pause, holding the position at each side for at least five seconds. Repeat this exercise three to five times.

Exercise 3

Looking forward, squeeze the lips together until you feel a slight pull at the corners of your mouth. You should almost look like you're trying to prevent yourself from laughing, the lips pressed together. Then, using both hands, place the fingers of each hand close to the corners of your mouth and gently pull outward in a half-moon direction and hold. Count to 30 or 40 and release. Repeat this exercise two or three times. You should really feel it on the jawline.

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