Homemade pirate costume for women

Updated February 21, 2017

Pirate costumes are one of the most popular Halloween choices, for both men and women. You can make your own pirate costume using items you can find in local thrift stores or your own closet without sewing at all for a quick and easy option. If you sew skilfully, making it yourself can allow you to create a much more elaborate pirate costume. While the components of your homemade pirate costume are simple, adding accessories can make all the difference in your final look.

A Basic Pirate Wench

The simplest homemade pirate costume requires only a few basic garments. You need a full black skirt, an oversized white or gold blouse, and a long red scarf. Striped tights and high black boots can provide warmth and give your costume personality. Add long, full and somewhat dishevelled hair to your easy homemade pirate look. If your own hair isn't long, pick up a wig at a local costume shop. A tricorne hat can be bought inexpensively at discount or costume shops around Halloween. Finish off your pirate costume with a stuffed monkey or parrot toy. Attach your companion to your shoulder with craft wire.

A Refashioned Pirate Costume

If you have a bit more time, energy and sewing skill, you can refashion a pirate costume. You will need an oversized white shirt and a pair of leather trousers, as well as a skirt, boots and tights. Cut apart the leather trousers and pin the pieces together flat. Craft a tricorne hat from the pieces. Cut a circle the size of your head out of the leather, then cut a large round doughnut shape approximately 12 inches wider than the centre circle. Use the remaining leather to make a simple underbust corset, sewing it together by hand and lacing it with wide ribbon. Cut away the top of an oversized men's dress shirt as well as the lower sleeves. Sew simple elastic casings to create a puffy peasant pirate blouse. Wear your hat, corset and blouse with simple items you already own to create a great pirate costume for women.

Sewing from Scratch

You can make your pirate costume using a purchased pattern, taking advantage of free online patterns, or drafting your own pirate costume patterns. If you are aiming for a slightly more authentic pirate costume look, you probably want a long full skirt, petticoats, a chemise and a corset. Major pattern retailers offer good options in their costume patterns. You may also find that historical costuming sites offer free tutorials that can allow you to make these items without purchasing patterns.

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