Remedies for a tickly cough

Updated February 21, 2017

A tickly cough can be very annoying both for you and the people around you. It can hamper your productivity and can prevent both you and your loved ones from getting a good night's sleep. There are plenty of remedies out there that can help subdue your cough, and many of the things you need are items that you probably already have.

Herbal tea

Herbal tea has been used for thousands of years as a medication. It is used to help digestive problems, fight off a cold and, in this case, suppress a stubborn cough. The antioxidant and healing enzymes in the tea help moisturise the driest of throats. Once you prepare the tea, add a few drops of lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey. The lemon juice will help release all of the healing enzymes and the honey will help lubricate your throat. Drink slowly and your urge to cough will subside.


Garlic is one of nature's miracles. It has been used to treat many medical conditions including a cough. The best way to suppress a cough with garlic is to make a garlic cough syrup. Chop a few cloves of garlic and place them into a mason jar. Completely cover the garlic with honey and let marinate for at least 24 hours. Take a tablespoon of the syrup when you feel the urge to cough.


Ginger is a root and can be used to fight off the worst of coughs. It comes in many different forms, as you can purchase it whole, sliced or powdered. For this application, sliced would be the best. Take a few slices of the ginger and place them into your mouth. Chew the ginger until your urge to cough goes away. You can also mix some powdered ginger with some hot water and drink slowly when a cough strikes. The healing power in the ginger helps the inflammation of the throat, which in turn will subdue your cough.

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