Ion USB turntable troubleshooting

Updated February 21, 2017

The Ion turntable allows record collectors to transfer their music to a computer. A USB connection from the turntable to the computer, along with Ion's exclusive software, provides easy transfer. Occasionally there can be a problem configuring the turntable in both Windows XP and also Mac OS X; and also issues with the belt. Troubleshooting it isn't extremely difficult, however.

Getting No Sound from the Computer

If you are having a problem getting sound out of your computer (including sound from non-Ion related software) there may be an issue whereby the computer's operating system has set the audio input and the audio output to the Ion turntable. The Ion doesn't have speakers, so you must access "Sounds & Audio Devices" in Windows and "Audio Midi Setup" in Mac and override the Ion's setting by setting the output back to your default sound card.

Getting Sound from the Computer, But No Sound from the Turntable

Go into the Ion's Audacity software and select "Monitor Input." It's tricky to find but if you take a good, hard look under the level meters you will see a microphone icon; next to that there is a downward pointing arrow icon. Click on it and select "Monitor Input." and you should now hear sound.

The Computer Doesn't Recognize the Turntable

Check all the connections are tight and reboot both devices. Make sure you are running Windows XP or Mac OSX. The driver will be entitled "USB Audio Codec."

Using a Home Stereo

The best way to connect the Ion turntable to your computer is by USB. The RCA cables (red and white ends) are for connecting the turntable straight into your home sound system, for using without a computer. If you connect the turntable directly to your sound system, select the correct signal level. Underneath the turntable you will see a switch. Set this to the type of sound system you are using. With a USB connection to a computer, this switch is redundant.

Overly Fast Turntable

If the vocals sound like chipmunks, this is due to a belt issue. Make sure that the belt is wrapped around the spindle's groove at an even height. You can see the spindle through the holes in the platter. It's at the bottom left. The belt should be wrapped around the middle part of the inner ring.


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