How Long to Heat Brie Cheese

Updated April 17, 2017

How long to heat Brie cheese depends on what you will be using the Brie for and the desired consistency. Brie is eaten in many different ways and is not always even heated. Some eat Brie by itself, without any bread or crackers. This is acceptable, but when it is served with bread or crackers it is polite to eat the two together. Brie can be used in many different recipes, some of which include the heating or baking of the Brie.

Baked Brie

Brie cheese is generally baked in an oven that is heated to about 204 to 232 degrees C. When wrapping the Brie in a pastry or creating any similar type of recipe, you may want the Brie to be thoroughly melted. In this instance, you will heat the Brie for however long it takes your surrounding pastry or other ingredients to thoroughly cook. This will often be for about 20 to 25 minutes.

Warming Brie

If you are simply attempting to heat your Brie cheese to eat with crackers or bread, then you probably only want to provide warmed and somewhat softened Brie, rather than an entirely melted serving of Brie cheese. In this case, you can put the Brie in the oven at 204 degrees C. Set your timer for only five to 10 minutes in order to achieve a nicely warmed cheese that will not be runny.

Brie Mixed with Other Recipes

Brie that is mixed into a larger recipe can be heated for any period of time that the recipe requires. Be aware that the consistency of the Brie will change depending upon the amount of time that it is cooked in an oven, slow cooker, skillet or cooking pot. Therefore, if the texture of the Brie is at all important to the recipe that you are utilising, you will want to ensure that you monitor your dish and retrieve it from the heat at the appropriate time. If necessary, add the Brie a little bit later in the cooking process to prevent it from becoming runny.

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