Ruby Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

The ruby wedding anniversary is a couple's 40th wedding anniversary. Ruby wedding anniversary ideas usually include the traditional ruby theme. It can be incorporated into the decor for the party, the food and gifts for the couple.

Ruby Decor

When planning a ruby wedding anniversary, many people choose to make the colour ruby a central colour and theme for the evening. The trick when using a rich colour such as ruby with your decor is to use it as an accent colour rather than the central decor colour. An example would be to throw a 1920s glamour party for a 40th wedding anniversary. You can create a black and white decor scheme with ruby red roses as centrepieces and use plates or chargers in a ruby glaze or glass. Try to use lamps with ruby shades or use clear glass shades with ruby accents such as crystals or ruby swirls to create a soft, warm glow in the room.

Ruby Foods

Using ruby coloured foods to help celebrate a ruby anniversary is a little tricky but it can be done tastefully. An example of an appropriate ruby coloured food would be red velvet cupcakes or a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing topped with red sugar crystals or red roses made of icing. You can also use a dark red wine to compliment the food or decorate cookies with red icing. Another idea is to incorporate real red flower petals in your salad, entr´┐Że or dessert dish. When cooking with flower petals please make sure that the flowers being used are edible and pesticide free.

Gift Ideas

Gifts for a ruby wedding anniversary often follow the same theme of being red in colour. You can select anything from jewellery containing rubies to red clothing accessories and art glass. Many crystal manufacturers such as Swarovski create special items such as jewellery, stemware and figurines made of ruby coloured crystal that would make an elegant ruby anniversary gift.

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