Scottish Crafts for Kids

Updated February 21, 2017

Scotland has a long history that began before the 1st century AD. But it was in this century that the Romans invaded Britain, but failed to take over the wild northern territory that became formally known as Scotland in the 10th century. The country is known for its rich tradition, arts and its distinctive culture. Making Scottish crafts with your kids can be a fun way to introduce them to this fascinating country.

The Unicorn

The unicorn is a fantastical creature that is associated with Scotland. In fact, it has been incorporated in the Scottish Royal Arms since the 1300s. To create a Scottish unicorn, you need a toilet paper roll, paper, glue, markers, yarn and scissors. Draw a unicorn's head with its distinctive horn and cut it out. Encourage your kids to colour it as they wish. Glue the head to the top of the toilet paper roll; then cut the yarn to the length you like, and glue it to the bottom. Let the child decorate the unicorn as she wishes.

The Sheep

Scotland has long been associated with sheep---indeed, the wool from that country is considered among the highest quality in the world. Making a sheep is a fun craft for your kids. Cut out a sheep outline on black construction paper and pile cotton balls near your child. Encourage him to glue cotton balls on the sheep's body to represent the sheep's wool.

The Scot Puppet

To make a Scot puppet, draw the outline of a man's body and glue it to a craft stick. Colour the man's features on his face and colour his hair with markers. Cut a short jacket out of a brown scrap of cloth and glue it to the man. Cut a kilt from a piece of plaid cloth and glue it onto the man so the top of the kilt touches the bottom of the jacket. Either colour tall white socks onto the Scot's legs, or make them from white cloth and glue them on each leg. Colour black shoes on the Scot's feet and enjoy your Scot puppet.

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