Alternative careers for teachers

Updated July 19, 2017

Teachers in search of a career change have several options that may match closely with their current skill level. But, there's also the option of returning to school to get a different degree. If you're uncertain what to do next, make a list of careers that peak your interest and do some research, including a few informational interviews and career shadowing. Even taking a career personality test can be helpful.

Online Facilitators

As online education continues to blossom, there are several opportunities to participate as facilitators of online courses, such as English, speech communication, science and math. Facilitator positions are done online from your home.

Career Advisers

These professionals offer advice and guidance to clients who are seeking feedback about work, education and training. Career advisers help clients in planning their career goals and action steps toward achieving those goals. Career advisers have good communication and organisation skills to maintain meetings with clients and to track client progress.

Educational Consultant

An educational consultant works with parents and high school students to help them navigate through the unknown world of higher education. Educational consultants can be self-employed or work through a consulting firm. The consultant will help the student and family develop a plan toward transitioning from high school to higher education. An educational consultant works with students individually, specialising in the students' academic needs and helping them find the college or university that's right for them.

Motivational Speaker

Teachers spend many hours attracting a student's attention and holding it. The same skill is needed to be an effective motivational speaker, in addition to being a good listener. Motivational speakers are also referred to as inspirational speakers. They use their energy to present stories to move their audiences to make positive changes in their lives.

Librarian Technician

The library is the place of learning and adventure. Teachers who enjoy helping others learn and find resources may want to consider a career working as a librarian technician. This job maintains databases, assists library patrons in checking out materials, renews and returns materials. Librarian technicians also help sort and organise books, periodicals and other items to be reshelved.


Teachers do a lot of writing, and depending on the grade level, some teachers have to read a wide range of books. Teachers who are interested in becoming writers can write informational books or articles about their field of expertise, but they could also write fiction, novels and various other literary works.

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