Wrestling Birthday Party Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Most 6- to 11-year-old boys enjoy a wrestling-themed birthday party, where each dresses up as his favourite wrestler. Incorporate the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) theme in your decorations, games and party favours to give your son and his friends plenty of memories.


Select the appropriate colours to decorate the inside and outside of the house, such as black, red and silver for "Raw" or silver, blue and black for "Smackdown." Bunch up latex or helium balloons and streamers in the selected colours and display over the entrance, corners or focal points. Also create a balloon arch in the colours for guests to walk under as they enter.

Paste murals and stickers of wrestlers on the wall along with strategically placed inflatable wrestlers for indoor and outdoor display. Cut out different wrestlers’ photos from professional magazines and paste on walls or suspend them from the ceiling.

Decorate the main room like a wrestling ring. Create the ropes by running two lengths of red streamers around the walls. Secure these in place with tape. Rent folding metal chairs, like those used in professional wrestling matches, for children to sit on.


On the invitation cards, ask the guests to come dressed as their favourite wrestler. Hire a disc jockey or have heavy-metal music playing. Change music as each child, dressed up as his favourite wrestler enters the room.

Set up a projector or a DVD player attached to a TV to play old wrestling matches. Print out coloured pictures and logos of wrestlers and place these in a basket arranged in a corner of the room, along with coloured markers and craft paper. Ask children to make themselves posters of their favourite wrestler using appropriate items.

Cut out wide strips of black foam for the children to make championship belts. Paste silver paper in the middle of the belt and write “Champion” on the top with a black Sharpie. Depending on personal taste, children can paste coloured stones in the centre, sprinkle glitter, stencil designs or colour over it.


Activities should include traditional party games such as “musical chairs”, “dancing statues” and “passing the parcel”. Ask the children to sit in a circle and pass a wrestling gift wrapped in many layers of construction paper while music plays in the background. The child on whose lap the gift lands when the music suddenly stops uncovers a layer and performs his favourite wrestler’s move. Continue passing the gift until it is unwrapped.


Bake or order a square cake with white topping. Frost it with your child’s favourite wrestler, his logo or the coveted championship belt. Insert black skewers or dowels in the corners and run red string liquorice around each to form a wrestling ring. Serve hot dogs, pizza, chips and popcorn.

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