Fishing Themes on a Birthday Cake

Updated February 21, 2017

Cake design can be a very rewarding hobby. Creating a special design on a cake to fit the personality or interests of the person it is made for can help create a truly special occasion. Fishing designs may be a popular choice among fishermen and outdoorsmen alike, and creating a fishing themed birthday cake can be very simple.

Pond Cakes

Creating a pond cake for a birthday is a simple but effective way of making an eye popping fishing themed cake. To achieve this look, one only needs to create any cake, ice the cake in any earthen or grass colour such as green or brown, then ice a circle in the middle of that cake in blue. The blue circle can be outlined in sugar rocks or dark coloured gum drops to look like stones surrounding the pond. A tiny fisherman figurine can then be placed beside the pond in a sitting position with a fishing rod in hand. The scene can further be decorated with trees, "fishing hole" or "Happy Birthday" signage made to look like wooden signs or even gummy fish in a tiny bucket or placed in the pond to give the appearance of swimming fish.

River Cakes

Similar to a pond cake, river cakes are created by icing any cake in a grass or earthen colours and then icing a river through the length of the cake in blue. This gives the simple appearance of a river running through the landscape on the cake. Trees or bushes can be added using layered green icing to give a forest appearance on the banks of the river. A toy boat can be placed on the river with a tiny fisherman holding a fishing rod inside to truly bring forth the overall fishing theme of this birthday cake. Gummy fish can be added throughout the river to give the appearance of swimming fish in the water.

Fishing Rod Cakes

Fishing rod cakes are a more simple variety of fishing themed cakes. A fishing rod cake consists of any cake, usually covered in white icing, with a simple fishing rod drawn on top with icing. A hooked fish can be drawn near the fishing rod with a thin fishing line drawn between the two. Also, "Happy Birthday" and the person's name can be written on the cake with coloured icing. To make this birthday cake even easier to create, a piece of liquorice can be used for the fishing rod and a gummy fish used for the catch of the day.

Carved Cakes

Carved cakes are cakes that are cut to resemble any shape. A fishing themed birthday cake may be carved into the shape of a fishing rod, a boat or a fish. Carved cakes can make a very appealing fishing themed birthday cake, especially when icing is used to give a three dimensional effect such as fish scales or fishing line wound around the reel. Carved cakes are usually created by experienced cake decorators, though anyone with an aptitude for carving can create these types of cakes with some practice.

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