Pioneer TV Troubleshooting

Written by aaron wardell | 13/05/2017

Pioneer televisions are found in millions of homes worldwide. They offer superb quality and attractive prices. However, things can easily go wrong with a television and/or a home theatre set-up. Follow these tips to troubleshoot your Pioneer TV and prevent future problems:

Video problems

Video problems are common in Pioneer televisions. Whether it be poor picture quality, visual artefacts or pixelization, there usually are just a few culprits. First check the video cables, of which there are usually four types: Yellow analogue, s-video, component video or HDMI. HDMI is unique in that it carries digital video and audio signals. Make sure they are fully inserted. If they look old or worn, replace them with 75-ohm cables.

Image and audio problems can be a product of low cable signal. Call your cable company and ask to have your signal strength tested.

Audio problems

Audio problems may be further complicated by your home theatre system. As with video, always make sure you are using high-quality cables and that they are tightly connected. If you have a home theatre, ensure that all connections are made according to your receiver's manual. Make sure the speakers are set up properly and that the speaker wire is properly installed. Learning how your home theatre system is connected to your Pioneer TV will go a long way in troubleshooting audio problems.


There are a couple of preventive steps you can take, too. Always keep fresh batteries in your remote. A non-functioning remote can give the false impression of a faulty TV. Always refer to your manual before changing picture settings, as some Pioneer televisions have special features and picture presets that could affect quality.

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