My new LG TV makes a buzzing noise

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It’s frustrating to get a new piece of electrical equipment home, only to find an imperfection. With the competitiveness between the technology giants at an all-time high you would imagine that all the little gremlins have been ironed out long before an item leaves the factory floor.

Some flaws are to do with design and affect an entire range, but others can be individual breaks or mistakes. Here are a few things to look into if your new LG television is making a buzzing sound.


You should check the level of your backlight if you constantly hear a low buzzing sound from your LG TV. Many people have reported hearing this sound if the level of backlighting is at anything other than 100 per cent. Try turning yours up to 100 and listen to see if it disappears. If increasing the backlight makes the screen too bright, try reducing the overall brightness. If you can’t live with this, you could try taking your set back for a refund.


The speakers in your TV can occasionally get damaged – either by being torn or becoming moist. If the buzzing sound only accompanies sounds coming from the speakers this could be the problem. If your set is fresh out of the box you should take it back and get a refund, but if you have improperly stored it, it could be your fault. To get round this problem you could hook the audio from your TV up to an external speaker system or hi-fi using a lead with red and white RCA connections.


If you use your TV with a separate digital receiver, cable or satellite box with a separate volume control, you might have your TV’s volume up too high and it might be straining. Turn down your TV’s volume and raise the volume of the cable/satellite/digital box.

Cooling fan

Some LG TVs have cooling fans in them. The sound you are hearing could be the fan working, but it should not really be overpowering the audio from the TV. If you find the noise from the cooling fan unacceptable you may be able to return it for a refund.

Faulty range

LG reported a major problem with a buzzing sound in its LM620T range in 2012, but they say this has been remedied for TVs being sold now. If yours is from the LM620T range this could be the reason for the buzzing. Take your set back.