Homemade football birthday party invitations

Updated June 26, 2018

Football is an appropriate birthday party theme for sports fans, young and old. Many fun ideas are available for a football themed party. The football theme inspires many simple ideas for party invitations. Customise the invitation ideas to fit your personality and needs.


Create party invitations that resemble a giant ticket. Cut the ticket shape from a piece of card stock. Decorate the ticket as if it were for a game of your favourite football team. Write the words "Admit One" on the ticket. Add the party details as if they were printed on a real ticket to a football game. Use a word processing program and printer to achieved the look.

Leather Footballs

Use artificial leather for these football invitations. Create a football-shaped template. Place the artificial leather on a flat surface, and trace the template on the back side of it. Cut out the football shapes. Write the party information on the back of the football with a permanent marker or paint pen. Use white puffy paint to make the laces on the front of the football.

Foam Football

Purchase a small, foam football from the toy section for each invitation. Use a permanent marker to write the party information directly onto the foam football. Deliver the footballs by hand to save on postage. These invitations double as entertainment for the guests.


Use the pennant shape for the football birthday party invitations. Cut a pennant shape from card stock or felt. Decorate the front of the pennant with a favourite team logo or general birthday party symbols. Write the party information on the back side of the pennant. You can also purchase an actual pennant and attach a card with the party information to the pennant.

Football Cards

Create a football card, similar to a baseball card, for the party invitations. Print a picture of the birthday child on the front of the card, along with his stats. Print the party details on the back of the football cards. Laminate the football card invitations to make them last longer.

Football Jersey

Use the football jersey design as the basis for the party invitations. Create a football jersey template from cardboard. Trace the template on a piece of card stock and on a piece of fabric or felt for each invitation. Write the information on the card stock football jerseys. Glue the card stock jerseys to the fabric jerseys with the information still showing. Decorate the fabric side of the jersey if desired.

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