Exterior Decorations to Hang by the Front Door

Updated February 21, 2017

A decorated front door can help make your home seem more welcoming to guests as well as friends. You don't need a particular holiday to take advantage of exterior decoration to hang by the front door, although holidays can offer convenient themes. Add a little curb appeal to your home by placing decorations outside your front door.


A wreath can be used as more than just a Christmas decoration. You can create a door wreath for any time of the year as a decoration to hang outside your front door. During the fall you can make a wreath from corn stalks. Soak the stalks in water so that you can work them into a circular wreath. If you like the look of evergreen branches for a wreath, you can paint the branches to fit different times of the year. You can paint the wreath pastel colours for spring and Easter, or red, white and blue for the fourth of July. You may need a new wreath each time you choose to change its colours. Your other option is to paint the evergreen wreath white, and either wrap it in different coloured lights for the various times of the year, or hang decorations from the wreath to correspond to holidays or seasons.


Electric lanterns or decorative exterior lighting fixtures can be used on both sides of your front door as decoration. Wire the lights to a switch inside your home so you can control them from inside. You can change the bulbs to different coloured bulbs for different times of the year. For example, use a green and red bulb for Christmas and a red and blue bulb for the fourth of July. You can also use battery-powered lanterns or solar-powered lanterns to reduce energy consumption.

Wind Chimes

Hang a set of wind chimes outside your front door as decoration. You can get different sets of chimes to correspond to the different holidays and seasons. Hang your wind chimes far enough to the side of your door so they do not get caught in the door and get damaged.

Hanging Flowers

Hanging potted flowers can make colourful and fragrant decorations for outside your front door. Some varieties of flowers that work well in hanging baskets are Black-Eyed Susan Vines, Impatiens, Morning Glories and Dwarf Snapdragons.

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