Ideas for fishing birthday cakes for men

Updated April 04, 2017

When planning a party for a fisherman, it can be challenging to find a fishing-inspired cake. While party stores offer some fishing-themed party supplies, there really is nothing readily available in the shape of a fish. Consequently, the party planner may face a dilemma. However, with a little bit of creativity and effort, one can make a fantastic fish cake to be the highlight of the birthday party.

Rainbow Trout Fish Cake

One great cake inspired by fishing is a rainbow trout fish cake. While this cake may sound complicated, it is not so difficult. Simply bake a sheet cake, using any recipe and flavour you prefer. Once the cake is complete, take a knife and cut out a large fish shape. Thereafter, ice the cake with a blue-coloured buttercream icing. You can either purchase the icing at a supermarket or craft store, or make a homemade icing from a favourite recipe. After icing the cake, take a butter knife or a cake knife and run the knife under warm water. Then run the knife atop the icing. This technique will result is a smooth surface. Then, for the rainbow scales, take Necco wafers and line them across the cake, overlapping each row to make the image of scales. Next, use a tube of royal icing in black to make an eye. You may want to surround the cake with green parsley and edible shell candies in order to provide an aquatic-inspired theme.

M&M Candy Fish

Another cake for a fisherman is to make a cake using M&M candies. Bake a sheet cake in any flavour you like, using your favourite recipe or cake mix. Cut out two small triangles and cut a fish shape from the remaining cake. Place one triangle at the top and one triangle at the bottom of the cake and proceed to ice the cake with any colour buttercream icing you like. Once this is complete, take the M&Ms and place them along the body of the fish, finishing each end with a line of one colour. The M&Ms will look like small scales. Place one large marshmallow at the top centre of the fish head for the base of the eyeball. Using a tube of royal icing, make a black eyeball on the marshmallow.

Puffer Fish Cake

Another great cake for a fisherman is to make a puffer fish cake. You can easily make the shape by using an egg-moulded cake pan and another 10-inch square baking pan. Simply bake whatever cake you like, either using a cake mix or a homemade recipe. Thereafter, cut the baking pan diagonally across into three equal triangles. Then, using three wooden dowels of about 6 inches in length, insert the dowel into the back of the egg/fish and slide the triangle piece onto the egg/fish. This will form the fish tail. Repeat for the left and right sides of the cake for the side fins. Ice the cake with buttercream icing (either homemade or store-bought) in whatever colour you would like. Then, slice a large marshmallow in half and place the marshmallows on either side of the fish's head. Then, using icing as an adhesive, place a chocolate chip on the marshmallow as the eyeball. Surround the base of the cake with shell candies for additional flair.

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