Door Decorating Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether it's the front door or a door inside a home, you can decorate it to match your taste and interior design preferences. The front door is the most common door you would decorate, because it is visible to guests and neighbours. Most people add decorations to doors based on the seasons or approaching holidays. However, a door can be decorated any time of year to add personality to your home.


Wreaths are a popular way to decorate a door. Wreaths can be purchased premade, or made from leaves and twigs from the backyard. Add ribbons and bows to a wreath for different holidays. Artificial flowers, attached with wire, will add a variety of colours and florals to the wreath so that it changes throughout the year. Use an over-the-door wreath hanger to attach wreaths and floral arrangements to a door without using nails on a door.


Paint the door a different colour. If a door has panelling or trim, use different accent colours for a multitoned look. Use stencils to add decorative motifs such as fleurs de lis or scroll patterns within the door segments. For an antiqued look, wipe down the doors with stain or glaze.


Hang a decorative signs on the door to greet visitors. The sign can state your last name or address, or it can have a whimsical saying or theme related to upcoming holidays. Signs are easy to switch out and can be used year-round.

Door knockers and bells

Add a door knocker; many varieties can be found in garden stores and antique malls. You can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes, some elaborate and others simple. Adding bells attached to a ribbon is a simple way to add decor to a door and at the same time let you know someone is waiting.

Wrap the door

For holiday occasions, wrap the door to look like a giant present. Use wrapping paper and a large bow for a festive look. The giant gift idea works well for several holidays. Giant eggs are a good theme for Easter, and orange ribbon can be substituted for Halloween.

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