Dinning Room Table Centerpiece Ideas

Written by renee miller | 13/05/2017
Dinning Room Table Centerpiece Ideas
Create fabulous centrepieces for your dining room. (sunflower dish centrepiece image by Paul Retherford from Fotolia.com)

Turn your dining room table into a lively conversation piece with unique centrepiece arrangements you make yourself. From the simple to the simply unexpected, you can impress your guests with your creative designs. Use these centrepiece ideas to accessorise your dining room table with fabulous decor, without delving too deeply into your pocket.

Chinese Take-out

Dinning Room Table Centerpiece Ideas
Use Gerber daisies for your centrepiece. (Gerber Daisies 4 image by Terra Chandler from Fotolia.com)

Transform Chinese take-out boxes into exceptional centrepieces for your next dinner party. Line four small boxes with plastic. Fit floral foam snugly into the bottom of each. Fill the boxes three-fourths full with water and insert a single large Gerber daisy into each one. Place the boxes in a square formation, allowing about an inch of space between each and set them in the centre of the table.

Chandelier to Centerpiece

Dinning Room Table Centerpiece Ideas
Turn a brass chandelier into a unique centrepiece. (chandelier image by Ritu Jethani from Fotolia.com)

Turn a dated brass chandelier into a conversation piece. Remove the electrical components and chain before painting the fixture black or antique bronze. Cut the bottom of a plastic bowl to fit securely over the centre of the chandelier and hot glue it in place. Set it in the centre of your table and layer greenery over the arms between the centre and the candle cups. Press floral foam into the candle cups and bowl. Place dried flowers in the cups and a bouquet of your favourite fresh flowers in the centre bowl. This particular dining room table centrepiece idea works well for holiday dinner parties and large gatherings.

Display Your Collectables

Dinning Room Table Centerpiece Ideas
Use your collectables in lieu of traditional floral centrepieces. (antique image by Joy Fera from Fotolia.com)

Consider using your various collectibles as centrepieces, in lieu of traditional floral arrangements. You can arrange five or six porcelain dolls, so that they are sitting back-to-back in a circle, feet facing outward. You can also display your favourite demitasse cups on a tiered cake plate, perfect for tea parties. Forget the rule about not putting your shoes on the table. Line your glass and porcelain shoes in a spiral, using the largest high heel or boot as your centre and then working around to the smallest slipper at the end of the spiral.

Edible Centerpiece Ideas

If you do not know what to do with those old vases and candy dishes, pull them out of storage to use in your dining room year round. Simply fill clear glass candy jars, flower vases and dishes with candy, nuts or berries to display on your dining room table. These colourful, yet simple centrepiece ideas are always a favourite among guests who have a sweet tooth. You can arrange three or four in the centre of your table or use a single large dish of candy as your centrepiece.

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