Home-Based Business Ideas for Rural Places

Written by leigh white | 13/05/2017
Home-Based Business Ideas for Rural Places
Working from home may be a viable option for those living in rural areas (working barefoot at home image by Leticia Wilson from Fotolia.com)

Jobs in rural locations are not always easy to access due to lack of position availability, job choices or a potentially long commute. Many factors need to be considered when contemplating the home-based work option, including personal dedication and commitment which are crucial for having a successful business when you are your own boss. However, from a product-oriented business to a service-based endeavour, there are many options in a rural setting to build a business either full or part-time.

Child or Petcare

Starting a childcare or pet care business is a popular home-based business option. It is necessary to know local, state and federal regulations before beginning a home-based service such as childcare to be able to meet all legal obligations. This type of work may be full-time or provided on an as-needed basis.

Computer Repair

With the Internet available in many remote locations due to satellite service, more individuals, even in rural areas, now own personal computers. This makes computer service and repair a viable home-based business option for those with the skills or training. Computer service and repair may be provided on-site or at a local customer's home for an additional fee.

Internet Services

Internet-based options for home-based business may include product sales through online auctions or through the use of a website of one's own or that of someone else, tutoring, online class instruction, professional consulting, or freelance writing for content websites and online publications.

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