Video transcription

Hi, I'm Chantelle Tarride, professional makeup artist. Today, I'll be showing how to apply emo makeup using liquid eyeliner. The only step you'll really need to use is just your basic liquid eyeliner. This one that I chose today has a stiff tip. Why I'm asking you guys to use this particular type is because the ones that are more of a brush tip are really flimsy, and a little bit harder to control. One like this, as you can see, it has a very stiff head, doesn't move around too much, so I'll give you a little bit more control when applying it to the eye. So, I'll just start on this side. And, what you'll want to do is start off in the middle, and work your way up. Emo makeup style is a very just thick black eyeliner. So, you don't have to be too precise at first, just really get that line on there really thick. And, you want to bring that line out just a little bit. This line will eventually be meeting the lower line that we'll be applying on the bottom. Okay, and now we'll do the same thing for the other eye, making sure that line is nice and thick to start with. You can always apply more later on. Just kind of work step by step, and see where it is that you really want to thicken it up. You don't want to go on too heavy at first. Okay, so, after you let that dry, and you've made a nice, thick line to the top lashes, we're going to go on to the bottom. So, have Rebecca open her eyes, and she's going to look straight up for me. This part can be a little bit tricky, because liquid liner is very, very fluid. So, try to take off as much from your brush as possible. And, we'll be going in now, into the bottom line lash. Just make a nice, thick line all the way across, meeting that tip that we made earlier at the top. We'll let that dry on that side, and go to the other. You can apply another coat after it's dry. Look up. Meet that tip again at the corner. Now that that other side is dry, I can kind of see where I want to keep going a little bit thicker. So, because I made this side a little thick, I'm going to let this one get a little bit thicker. Okay, after that's dry, you'll go now with a nice creamy black liner, and we're going to line the inside of those eyes. Gently pull down on the eyelid. And, the reason I say get a creamy eyeliner is so that it doesn't irritate the inside of the eye, and it actually spreads and blends real smooth, makes it a lot easier to do. Okay, and that is how you do emo makeup with liquid eyeliner. I'm Chantelle Tarride, thank you for watching.