Video transcription

Hi, this is Christian Hurd, and today we're going to learn how to install a guitar strap button. First, you'll need to decide which position you want to put the guitar strap button on. For instance, on the body, it's a bad idea unless you're going to put a block inside to support it, you're going to tear up the guitar doing that. You might want to try thinking about other options too such as don't put a guitar strap button on at all. If you tie it off at the end, you're going to have more support because when it hangs it's going to hang properly. Some people don't like it up there because it gets in the way of their hands when they're playing but you can get around that if you want but if you still want to put on a guitar strap button, the two choices are going to be here at the base of the heel or on the side of the heel depending on which side you're playing from. If you put it on the base of the heel, it tends to want to rock forward while you're playing. My recommendation would be to put it on the side. It's a little trickier to put it on there, but I'm going to show you how. First, choose the button that you're going to use. The button I've chosen for this has a screw that comes with it and it also has a little pad and that will help protect your guitar when you screw it in. Then you're going to want to put masking tape down, just a little piece to kind of get the general area and that will help protect the finish when you're drilling. Then tape off the screw length. I'm going to mask this off the length by taking the entire button with the screw and I'm going to set it right next to the drill bit and find the spot where I'm going to drill it into. I just want to set it so I know how deep I'm drilling so I don't go too far so I think about, right about there is good and that's where I'm going to mask it. I'm going to want to screw it in kind of at an angle like this so take my drill and line it up. Okay, just to the point where the masking tape ends, careful when you're coming out, there you go. Okay next I'm going to countersink and be careful when you do this because you can mar the finish by trying not to mar the finish by countersinking it. But all you have to do is kind of line that up there a little bit and give it a little twist and that just makes it so that the finish doesn't break so much when you're putting the screw in. You don't have to do much with that. Okay, then go ahead and screw it in. This is Christian Hurd, and now you know how to install a guitar strap button.