How to Install a Lyre Vibrola

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A lyre vibrola is a type of tremolo arm, also known as whammy bar, used on a guitar to add vibrato to the sound. It was designed and marketed by Gibson beginning in 1964 to specifically fit a Gibson ES-335-S. Two versions, a long and a short version, are available. The short version is used for solid body guitars, but the long version can fit almost any guitar. Installation is not difficult and requires only a few simple tools to complete.

Turn the tuning pegs to loosen the strings and remove them from the guitar.

Remove the stop tail piece, the part the strings were attached to, from the guitar using a small screwdriver.

Measure the width between the screw holes on the vibrola with a ruler or measuring tape, and mark the two corresponding spots on the guitar with a pencil in the spot where the old stop tail piece had been. Use the drill to create two holes. Use a bit that drills holes the same size as the screws included with the vibrola.

Attach the lyre vibrola to the guitar with a screwdriver using the two provided screws, and tighten. Attach the cover plate to the base, securing with the four small provided screws, and attach the arm.

Restring the guitar.

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