Video transcription

Hi, my name is Chris Palmer. Today, I'm going to show you how to hang a cabinet using a French cleat system. You can hang a cabinet using a French cleat system which is essentially two lengths of wood beveled at a forty five degree angle and they just fit together to hang whatever you want. You can hang things temporarily this way; say you have a tool box that you only want to take down and use and then put out of the way. A French cleat is a great way to do that. Any kind of cabinet system you can hang use a French cleat either temporarily or drive screws right to the French cleats to make it permanent. Here's a little drawer cabinet that I want to hang on the wall in my shop. I've already ripped the forty five degree bevel on, on my two pieces of wood and these are going to fit together just like that. Go ahead and put the smaller of the two pieces; they can be of the same size. My scrap wood happen to be different sizes. But, I'm going to use the smaller of the two here. I'm going to attach a couple of nails this way. You want to be careful you don't send any fasteners through the back. So, be conscious of the thickness of your backing and the thickness of your stock. This piece gets attached to the wall obviously with the long point facing you, short point against the wall. This cabinet gets, this piece gets attached the opposite way. So, when they come together, they hang just like that. My name is Chris Palmer. That's how you hang a cabinet using a French cleat.