Video transcription

Mark Steckler from Rockaway Records Los Angeles, and this is how to transfer vinyl onto CD. You will need a USB turntable which goes into your computer or you can use this converter which will use your, your standard turntable. Both of these come with the easy vinyl converter program. This one, this is a USB turntable which is all in one. This is the Ion TT USB 10. It uses the same program as the Mix Meister which the easy vinyl converter. And you just plug this into your computer, plug in the power, note up the program. Open up their program and click, record a record. It'll immediately go to a screen that'll show, that'll have like a levels, you know, for, for the sound levels; so, you can just put the record on pretty much anywhere and you can make sure that it's actually picking up the signal from the record. And you will hear that through your, through your stereo, through your computer which is good because this can also act as just a regular turntable for your computer. But once you're already, it sounds good, you want to stop the record, put the needle back on the record. Using your hand, rotate it forward 'till you get to the first second of sound. Ready for a second. Once you get to that second, quarter turn back one; a quarter being a quarter of the turntable. Once you're already, you want to start the turntable and then click start and you want to do it quick. But, by doing the turntable first, the program will only record the first second of sound which is I doubt how long it takes for that one quarter that you rotated it backwards on. So, you just click start, start and it's going. Once the song ends, you can either click next song and they will automatically put a break in the song; you don't have to move this at all or you can click done which will then send that signal to your computer. It's setup to go to iTunes automatically, but, you know, probably work with a, with any program that you use on your computer. And that's it. Once you've converted the sound from analog into digital using either one of these two methods, you would then burn a CD as you would normally burn one from your computer. The most popular method being with iTunes. Just transfer it into a playlist and burn it like you would normally burn a CD. Mark Steckler from Rockaway Records Los Angeles and this is how to transfer from vinyl onto CD.