Video transcription

Hi, I'm Jene with Jene's Tropicals in St. Petersburg, Florida and today, I'm going to demonstrate how to grow butter beans. You'll need the following materials. You'll need an excellent compost. I love mushroom compost. You'll need a trowel, a container to grow your beans in or you can use a plot of a ground, a little stake to label what type of beans you're growing and of course your bean seeds. First of all, you're going to need to set your container on a, on a good sturdy table and I've already pre-filled the container with a, a good lightweight potting soil and I'm going to work in some other organics such as the mushroom compost which is a terrific mix. And I'm just going to, to work it in with my trowel. The butter beans are a warm weather crop and they love warm soil. So, after you plant these, it takes sixty to ninety days to produce and edible bean. And there are two types of beans; there's the low growing butter bean and then, there's a pole type butter bean. So, I've chosen the low growing for my box and I have the seed and I'm going to space the seed about three inches apart and probably put couple of beans per hole, pack the soil lightly over the beans. And next, then just water them in. After your beans have sprouted, it's a good idea to thin the, the weak stalks and just keep the nice big, beefy stalks. They'll produce better and they'll just be a stronger plant. And then within a short time, your beans will have sprouted and it's also a good idea to plant several crops like seven to ten days apart and then that way, you'll have a continuous amount of beans over a, a, several month period. I'm Jene, have a wonderful day.