How to Remove Powdered Sugar From Fondant

Martin Poole/Digital Vision/Getty Images

You've spent all day creating a beautiful cake, covered it with a layer of smooth fondant and are ready for debut of your masterpiece. However, in the process of baking, some icing sugar is ruining your perfect fondant. Do not fear, icing sugar is easy to remove with careful hands and a light touch.

Wipe down your counter with a damp kitchen towel to remove any excess icing sugar and wash your hands. Place your cake on the countertop or a turntable with enough room around it so you can easily turn it.

Put a small amount of vegetable shortening onto a piece of paper towel. Fold over the paper towel so only the part with the vegetable shortening is exposed.

Hold the paper towel in one hand and gently rub the vegetable shortening over the fondant that has icing sugar stuck to its surface. Use your free hand to turn the cake as needed, but be careful not to touch the fondant as it will leave fingerprints. If your shortening leaves glossy patches on the fondant, go over the entire surface with shortening so it has a cohesive sheen.