Video transcription

Hi, my name is Tanya Batts. I am a personal trainer with Gold's Gym. I want to show you a few advanced exercises that have to do with Pilates. The things you will need for this are a mat and just clear away some space. I am going to start on the side. Alright I am going to come all the way down one vertebrae at a time. This is fantastic. So, you want to come all the way down. This one is called the sprinter. So I am completely flat, I am going to lift my head, lift my feet and I am going to sprint. Looks like I am running. You've got to raise the core. You've got to raise the low back. So I am going to freeze. You got to really keep everything pulled in. And that's the sprinter. So I am balancing that's a little bit of a challenge. Here's number 2. Start with a V, here is what I am doing, my low back is straight and my abs are in, my shoulders are down. So I am here. So I am going to add on. I am going to extend and bend. These are called Yogi's sit-ups. You are extending and bringing it back. Here is step 2, bam if you want it, you don't have to do it. But I am balancing that's all I am doing. And if you want a little more hard, lower, lift. What a nightmare. So you got to lower that takes unbelievable amount of core strength to do that. Side plank. So I am coming up with my elbow directly below my shoulder, knee lifting that's too easy. You want advanced, stack the feet. Abs in, leg lift, arm lift, challenging. Even add a little twist, little extra something, something right there, unbelievable , unbelievable. Hard you can hold it, you don't even have to move, come on down. Those are just a few advanced Pilates moves that you can do.