Video transcription

How to install a sling on your shotgun. This particular shotgun is designed to have a sling so things have been done to this by the factory to make it very simple. On a shotgun that is not designed for a sling you may have to buy some aftermarket parts to put on that shotgun such as the cap that we have here. It's drilled and threaded for a particular type of amount. That goes in place and it screws in this is one device that will allow the sling to be in place. The butt end has had this device poured and molded into it and the sling attachment fits right through that. We'll take the gun and the shotgun sling, this little device is what attaches the sling to the gun It fits through the hole like that and then you rotate the latch piece around and it fits over the round shaft that goes through the hole, that prevents it from coming off and locks it in place follow it down to the other end and we'll move it around so you can see it a little easier. The other end goes the same, this round shaft fits through the hole then the latch piece goes over captures the shaft and we have the sling mounted on the shotgun. Now we're going to show you a little on how to put a sling on a shotgun that was not designed at the factory for a sling. This particular shotgun was not but yet it has a device in the back. This is the same little latch device that we had before. This latch holder was drilled tapped and screwed into place into this plastic butt stock. It did not come with that so the hole is drilled and tapped and this device had to be threaded into the butt stock to provide a place for the sling swivel to go into and again this piece rolls over and captures it. You roll the little knob shut so that it cannot accidentally come apart. That's what we did on the back end, on the front end we had to buy a piece that was built and designed for this particular shotgun to go into the end of the shotgun and provide a place for us to attach the same sling clip on to it. This provides the same type of a device with a hole in it. It captures the sling swivel through the hole and then the swing over piece locks it in place. You rotate the latch cover closed and it provides a lock in there so it cannot come off. This piece is designed to swivel left and right, makes it a little easier for carrying the shotgun and that's what you would do for this particular type. There are other shotguns that will take a different type of device so if you want to put a sling on your particular shotgun and it doesn't have things set up for it, stop by your local gun shop, check with them. If they don't have the right parts they can order them for you and probably help you put them in. Most of them are pretty simple operation that a lot of folks can do at home all by themselves.