Video transcription

Hi, my name is Brent Miller and today we're going to talk about replacing the toilet seal underneath the bowl of your toilet. The tools that you'll need for this job are a wax ring which you can get at a local hardware store and you'll also need a 9/16th inch wrench which will remove the bolts that hold your toilet to the floor and you'll need some type of rag that will clean up the old wax ring before you start. Typically when you know you need to do, as you need to do it every time that you move your toilet; you know, move your toilet from one place to another; or replace your toilet, or if there's a possibility that you're finding some water in the front of your toilet. Usually it doesn't come out in the back; if you find water coming out from in front of your toilet, then this is likely the problem. What we have here, we have a wax ring and this here is the wax ring when you buy from the store and it comes out of this and you can usually buy this; this one here cost rate, $2.99 at my local hardware store and, and you can put the wax ring and what it'll do, it will go upside down and it comes in and it's really soft when you do this. So you only, you only get one use of it and then what you have to do the first time is peel the old one off. And there'll be old one there and generally you have to use maybe type of a, a a potty knife or possibly you know, a butter knife and preferably one you're not going to use again when you get done and you'll scrape the old off and then you'll set this back down on there and then the commode sits on top of this and it becomes and it kind of smashes in and it forms the seal between your commode and your drain pipe or your floor.