How to Remove Paint From Stainless Steel Sinks

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Spilt paint on a stainless steel sink can be rinsed away relatively easy, especially latex paints, if the spill is cleaned up before the paint can dry. Once dried, removing the paint becomes more challenging. Solvents can be used to loosen paint so it can be wiped away.

However, you should avoid any type of abrasive cleaners or coarse scrubbing implements, such as steel wool, which can scratch and mar the surface of your stainless steel sink.

Open the windows in the room around the sink to ventilate your work area.

Apply the lacquer thinner or solvent to the paint splattered in the stainless steel sink, using a paintbrush and multiple coats, if necessary. Wait for the paint to soften and begin to dissolve.

Wipe the solvent and loosened paint from the sink with wads of paper towels. Apply another coat of solvent to remove lingering paint.

Enclose the soiled paper towels in a plastic trash bag to block the fumes from the solvent, then discard.

Rinse the sink with water until all traces of solvent and paint are gone.