Video transcription

Hi, I'm Sally Watkins with Century Travel in Austin, Texas. Lets talk ab out getting passports. The passport system seems to be over the backlog of a year or so ago and at least most offices seem to be taking about a month, four to six weeks, to do most of them. If you need to have the passport expedited the post office can do that. It's something like three weeks but you pay an extra amount for that. Or, a passport and visa service can do that for you. When you're looking at whether you need to get a new passport or not be sure to know that some countries now require that you have a passport that expires more than six months after your departure date from that country. They want to make sure that you're not going to get left there. So, check that your expiration date would be more than six months out and if not go on and get your passport renewed before you go.