Video transcription

Hi I'm Diana Korten and I'm here today with Helen to talk about flea control and prevention. Basically the first thing you want to do is if your cat is infested with fleas the very first thing you are going to want to do is give him a bath with a flea prevention shampoo. I like to use one that is natural that doesn't contain any carcinogens or toxins because what we are going to do is we are going to bath her and then we are going to let the shampoo soak in and actually kill the fleas. I prefer to do a cat bath in the kitchen sink because I feel like you have more control. You can use a sprayer too, just make sure the water is not cold. So we are going to get the fur, she has real thick fur so we are going to get that nice and wet, let the water really saturate the fur. The thing that you want to think about too is that the fleas aren't just living on the cat, the fleas are living all around your house and if your cat just has a couple of fleas you can just go right to step two and use the Advantage but if they have a real flea infestation and you are having a problem in your home you are not only going to want to do this bathing treatment on the cat as well as steps two and three, you're also going to want to take care of the whole house and that means if you have carpet, using a product that will get into the carpet and possibly having a professional cleaning because you have to remember those fleas leave eggs behind and they have about a three week life cycle and if you don't take care of everything you are going to have another round of fleas because just treating the cat isn't going to be enough to get rid of the entire problem. So I'm just applying some flea shampoo here. I'm going to drain the thing here so we can get this flea shampoo really well into her fur. You want to be sure and concentrate it around the neck and other areas where the fleas really like. You want to be very careful about not getting the shampoo in her face, get it around the neck here, oh that's such a good kitty. So thats carpet with floors you are going to want to vacuum and if you have a vacuum cleaner bag you can put that bag in the freezer before you throw the bag out because the freezer will kill the eggs and the fleas. Now that she is all soaped up we are going to go ahead and put her in the cat carrier for ten minutes and let that flea shampoo do its job. What I like to do is go ahead and cover the carrier with a towel to keep it warmer in there and keep her feeling secure. Now once the cat is dry you are going to want to do some longer term flea prevention by using a product like The Revolution, The Advantage or Front Line. All of these are really excellent products and what you want to do is take the tube, they call come in different packaging. You are going to break the tube open and then pour the medicine right here, the flea control product right here on the back of the neck. The idea is that the cat can't lick it then. It's not toxic to the cat but you certainly don't want the cat to be digesting it all. However, if your cat is going in and outside, since it does take about 24 hours for the product to kill the fleas, you may need to do a little bit of maintenance and for that we have flea comb and what I like to do with this is pour a little bit of dish soap in a dish with some warm water and you want it to be kind of sudsy. What you are going to do is you are going to flea comb the cat so you are going to take this comb and you are going to run it right through the fur right against the skin and the idea of the flea comb is that if the cat has any fleas they'll get caught in between the tines of the comb and then what you would do to drawn them is dip them in the soapy water. Water alone will not kill them. They won't drown in just water but if you put them in soapy water then they will drown.