Video transcription

Hi my name is Dave Andrews. Today I'm going to show you how to block unwanted sites on your PC. The method that we are going to use to block sites, is to make it to where your PC can not find the site on the internet to open it. To do so, lets go to the PC. We are going to go to start, and go to the my computer C drive. Now go to the Windows folder, if you get this message saying the files are hidden, just click show the contents of this folder. Find the system thirty two folder. Again it may tell you these files are hidden so we want to show them. Under system thirty two there's a folder called drivers. Find that folder, there's an ETC folder under drivers. Now here's the folder we need to be on. Inside this folder there's a file called the host file. Right click on the host file and select open. It won't be able to open that with any known program so lets select notepad and press ok. As you can see I already have a lot of sites blocked on my PC. So we are just going to add one. Press enter a couple of times, right under this Vista copyright. And lets type in one two seven point zero point zero point one tab over and lets just bot Google by typing in Google dot come. Now press go to file and press save. That file has been stored as read only so before we can save it, I'm going to have to uncheck the read only tab. Lets go back to this folder, right click on host, select properties. Under attributes uncheck read only and press apply. Now we can save our file. Go to file and save. Lets close the document and try to go to Google. Type in www dot Google dot com. Your PC will search for a little while and eventually come up with an error because it doesn't know where to locate Google. My name is Dave Andrews and I've just showed you how to block an unwanted site on your PC.