Video transcription

Hi my name is Dave Andrews. Today I'm going to show you how to create a report using Microsoft Access. To create a report you first have to have tables with some data in them. And then you can create a report using the report wizard. So lets go to Microsoft Access. And I'm going to load a data base that has some tables and a little bit of data in it. Lets go to file, open, and select my data base. You have to go through a couple of security warnings when you launch the application. I basically just click yes and ok to each of those that came up and now I'm going to select open. To begin lets choose our tables that we are going to create our report with, such as table one. It has a few test rows in it. I'm going to add a couple more. And of course this can be a table that is a lot more complicated then this one. This is just a sample table with an ID field and a little bit of text data. Lets close that table out and to create your report, lets click on the reports tab here in my data base. Create a new report using the wizard. In the report wizard you select the tables that you want to include in the report and the fields that you want to include. I'm just going to use table one, and I want both of these fields to appear in my report. So I'm going to click the arrows here to drag those fields to this list box. Once I've got my fields in there, lets click next. This kind of gives, asks if you want to add any grouping levels. I don't, I just want to see the data right there in front of me. So lets click finish. Here's my completed report in Microsoft Access. It's that easy to use this tool to create a report. My name is Dave Andrews and I've just showed you how to create a report using Microsoft Access.