Video transcription

Hi, my name's James Flint, and now I'm going to show you one of many ways to move an iTunes library to another computer. The first thing you need to do; well in the method I'm going to show you, we're going to copy all the files onto an external hard drive, and then you could take this external hard drive and attach it to another computer and copy the files that way. So, I've got a external hard drive connected. It's called My Book, and there it is on my desktop. I'm going to go into my hard drive, and under music there's a folder called iTunes, and then iTunes Music. Now, from this point, I could select all the artists and copy them all, but for the sake of time, I'm just going to copy a a couple things over. So again, you select the files that you would want. If you don't want to copy em' all, drag em' over to the external hard drive. It's going ahead and copying em' now, and once that's done, you can double-check this hard drive and you'll see we've got the two artists right here. So all you would have to do is plug this hard drive into another computer and then drag these files from the hard drive directly into iTunes, or you could drag em' directly into your iTunes music folder. And that would be the method for copying an iTunes music library from one computer to another.