Video transcription

If you own a Windows computer, I'm sure at some point or another, it's frozen up on you and you have to shut it off. Hi, I'm Charles Stewart Jr. and I'm going to tell you what to do if your computer freezes up and you need to shut it off. First thing you can do is, if your computer freezes up, try hitting control, alt, delete. It's kind of like a, you know, the best way to, it's like an override sequence you can use. Once you hit control, alt, delete, sometimes that alone will just unfreeze the computer. But what it'll do is it'll bring up a window on your computer that brings up the Task Manager. And when that comes up, sometimes the program you're running has caused your computer to freeze up. So, it'll show you what programs are running and you can just highlight one and say, end task, and it'll kill the program that's running. And that might unfreeze your computer and allow you to shut it down normally. But, if you've tried that and control, alt, delete did nothing, then the next step to do would be to actually go over and hit the power button on the computer. Now if you hit the power button on the computer and still nothing happens, that means the computer's really locked up and there's not much you can do from that point on other than to disconnect the power. A lot of computers on the back will have a, sort of like a breaker where you see the power cord beat plugged into the back of the computer. Basically you'll reach back there and flip the button. There should be an on and off switch. Flip that, it's like flipping a breaker in your house. It'll shut off the computer. Granted, it's not the best way to do it. It's not good to shut your computer off like that, but again if it's frozen there's really not much you can do if after you've tried the control, alt, delete method. If your computer does not have a switch on the back, sometimes manufacture computers like a Dell or an HP may not have that switch. Then the only thing to do would be to unplug the power cord. Most of the times you can unplug the cord from the back of the computer. So just unplug that and the computer should obviously shut off because there's no power. And then plug it back in and then you can leave it shut off, but the best thing to do is to restart it from there. And then just to make sure every thing's o.k., and then shut it down the way it's supposed to be shut down from there. And if you, you know, plug it back in and turn it on, and it's still frozen up then there's probably a good chance that there's some kind of virus or some corruption with your operating system, possibly even your logic board or your hard drive is messed up. So, then you would need to take it to a computer professional to take a look at it from there. But that should fix it in most situations.