Video transcription

Hi. I'm Charles Stewart, Jr., I'm going to show you how to add a printer to your computer. The first thing you want to do is whenever you get a new computer, you want to install the software. So, you know, I've got my software disk and I'm going to go ahead and put it in my computer. Once the software is installed, it should have already pretty much installed the printer for you. So, from here, you'd want to turn the printer on and connect the USB port to the back of the computer. From there you would want to go and check to make sure it's installing. You would go to start and then go to printers and faxes and then a window should pop up and show you. And in this case, it did install. But, in case it didn't, you would go to add printer and then it pretty much has a wizard that will walk you through what to do next. Click next, obviously, we've connected this locally so it's connected directly to the computer. You hit next, and it's going to do a little bit of searching for it. Okay? So for here, we just hit next, we're connected directly through our USB port. Next. Or it could be a different port depending on what kind of computer you or printer you have. And then from here, you would just walk through until you select your printer and model and then, once you're done, your printer should ready to go. And you'll probably want to print a test page, just to make sure everything worked out all right. And, you know, if the test page prints out, everything went smooth. And that's how to install a printer on your computer.